Voting Keypad

By using our audience response system or voting keypad you can get instant voting results and can do super fast voting. Some of our wireless voting keypads can collect 200 votes per second depending on your audience response system needs.

Recommended Super Fast Audience Voting Keypads For Your Events

RF1 Keypad

Reply Mini


Reply Ativa

Audience Response Keypads

–>Easy to use Keypad

–> Light weight & Portable

– ->Amazing battery life

–>Maximum votes per second

Audience Response Keypads

–>User friendly Keypad

–>Portable & light weight

–>2 Years battery life

–>200 votes per second

Voting Keypads

–>Big Events Voting Keypad.

–>Supports PowerPoint 2007, 2010 & 2013

–>Store self-pace questions and surveys

–>Long run built in memory

Voting Keypads

–>3.2-inch Touch Screen Colored.

–>QWERTY keyboard.

–>16 hours of battery life.

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