Response Clicker

There was a 1 day event using our Mini audience voting keypad about how to improve the way to do customer services.

How many participants?
120 Participants/Members

Response Clicker Software

Which audience response software was used?

Powerpoint add-in software

Our audience response PowerPoint is an Add-in software. After the installation, You can see it will appear as a new tab at PowerPoint. You can edit questions at PowerPoint slides and add the voting poller by using our PowerPoint Add-in software.

Audience Response Clicker

Which Voting Keypad Was Used?

Audience Response Keypads

Mini Voting Keypad

  • User friendly audience response keypad
  • Small &  lightweight voting keypad
  • 2 years battery life
  • Faster polling transmission.

Other Recommended Response Clickers For Your Events

Reply Ativa

RF2 Keypad 

RF1 Clicker

PC3 Voting Clicker

Voting Keypads

  • 3.2-inch Touch Screen Colored.
  • 16 hours of battery life.
  • QWERTY keyboard.

Voting Keypads

  • Large Event Voting Keypad.
  • Store self-pace questions and surveys
  • For PowerPoint 2007, 2010 & 2013
  • Best built in memory

Audience Response Keypads

  • 500 keypads per base
  • Less than 1 ounce weight
  • Covers 650 x 650 feet area
  • Conduct meetings up to 15,500

Audience Response Keypads

  • Receiver supports up-to 2,000 keypads
  • LCD screen to confirm responses
  • Collects 200 per seconds.
  • Small & Light weight.

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