Audience Response System

We have been working in Audience Response System industry for more than 20 years. We have provided Audience Reponse Solution to so many customers around the world specially in USA. We are a leader in the industry of audience response system. We maximize audience participation by providing our ARS Solutions.

Our audience response system collects data from your audience/participants. It comprises of three components below:
1.  Audience Response Keypads
2. Audience Response Software
3. Base Stations

Audience Response Clickers

Audience use Voting Systems & Clickers to reply questions. The audience clickers transmit the votes to a response receiver, which interacte with the audience response software to display the collected data from audience in a graphical form. Once a presentation get completed the audience data is presentable and available in a variety of reports for analysis. Our audience response systems are used for live surveys, audience polling, games, market research etc.

Below are the audience response system keypads which we are offering to empower your audience and make your event more interactive and dynamic

PC3 Response Clicker
Audience Response Keypads

Mini Voting PadAudience Response Keypads

RF1 Response KeypadAudience Response Keypads

Reply Ativa Voting Clicker Voting Keypads

RF2 Voting KeypadVoting Keypads

Voting Clickers

Above are the wireless audience response system or wireless voting keypad which can be use from small to large event voting. Some of the clickers have LCD screen and you can get instant voting results.

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