Audience Response Software

We provide audience response software from small event to large event voting which is easy to use and can achieve your audience response requirement goals and objectives. We also provide the best audience response software solutions with our ars clickers which fits your audience and event needs.

PowerPoint add in Audience Response Software

  • Base station creates a connection between audience response software PowerPoint application and voting clickers
  • Collect real time feedback from the audience.
  • Easy to use for the presenter or lecturer
  • It is also an add-in application which can be ad with Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft applications.
  • Easy to learn as the user only need to insert a polling queries/questions into PowerPoint and then users can get quizzes and have interactive voting sessions.
  • User can not only collect open ended feedback from audience, but also text messages for easy tracking of leads etc.


Audience Response Software Specialty

  • Besides PowerPoint audience response application we also offer our Specialty standalone audience polling software that gives more flexibility to your audience voting.
  • It’s very easy to edit answer choices, questions, duplicates and hide questions.
  • Easy to export sessions and question into an MS Word document.
  • Audience can enjoy music as well timer while voting sessions.
  • This audience response software especially designed for large event voting with more than 600 audience participants and it can be used with our below audience voting clickers:

Below are the voting clickers which can be used with our Specialty ARS Software

Audience Response Software

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