Audience Voting Keypads

Audience Response Keypads are the devices that the audience mainly use for submitting their votes electronically. There are a lots of wireless voting systems or voting clickers are available in the market, but we select the best response keypad as per your budget and event requirement for you.

Audience Response Keypads

We offer a huge variety of voting clickers to choose from where users can do text message voting with in few seconds. Some of our response clickers can do sms voting as well.

Audience Response Clickers

Below are the best voting keypads which we are offering:

Audience Response Keypads

PC3 Response Clicker

  • This voting clicker’s base station receiver supports up-to 2,000 audience response keypad. This is also called the large event voting keypad.
  • A LCD screen which gives power to your audience to  confirm their responses.
  • This audience response keypad can collect 200 per seconds.
  • It can hold 1 or 2 coin cell battery in the small and light-weight casing.

Audience Response Keypads

Mini Voting Pad

  • User friendly audience response keypad in which users do not required any technician or trainer to change the keypad address
  • Extremely Small, lightweight & Portable voting keypad
  • 2 years of Extended battery life
  • It has a capability of making faster polling transmission.
  • Users can poll up to 200 votes per second

Audience Response Keypads

RF1 Response Keypad

  • This audience response clicker can gather 200 votes per second.
  • It can be combined with Powercom RF2 and Powercom Mini keypads.
  • Base station covers 650 x 650 feet area and It has a capability to hold 500 keypads per base.
  • Weight: Less than 1 ounce with battery installed
  • It can conduct meetings up to 15,500 voting keypads per room.

Voting Keypads

RF2 Voting Keypad

  • This audience response keypad has a capability to store 12 text messages on it’s memory and presents 250 single answer question choices.
  • It can store self-pace questions and surveys because it has got built in memory.
  • Supports PowerPoint 2007, 2010 & 2013
  • The best audience response clicker for large event voting as it can also conduct meetings up to 15,500 voting clickers per room.

Voting Keypads

Reply Ativa SMS Voting System

  • It is a 3.2-inch Touch Screen Colored Advanced Voting Keypad/Clicker.
  • SMS Voting System/Keypad which has QWERTY keyboard.
  • 16 hours of battery life of typical usage.
  • Advanced Audience Response Inputs: Multiple Selection, Multi-Character and Multi-Digit.

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