Audience Response Event Rentals

Since we have done so many successful events and our clients got audience response event rentals services from us.  Below is the recently event which we have done.

Audience Response Event Rentals Pasig City – Philippines

There was an audience response system event for HR Leadership Conference which was held in Pasig City. Our RF1 audience response keypads were used during conference.

RF1 Response KeypadAudience Response Keypads

Below are the question which were asked during session:


The Powerpoint add in audience response event renal software.

This is a kind of audience response software which can be installed as an additional tab along with the menu of PowerPoint.

Specialty audience response event rental software.

It’s an audience response software which can be designed to making voting process faster as well as reliable.

There were single choices and multiple choices questions that were asked from audience and the audience used our RF1 voting clickers to answer these questions and the votings were done in real time.

Below are the three kinds of audience response event rental which we offer:

Self Service Rental 

This kind of audience response event rentals for those clients who are willing to rent voting clickers and run live event by themselves. After receiving our audience voting clickers, you will be getting a training session from one of our trained staff or proficient technician.

Training & Full Support Rental

With our audience response event rentals. We provide our clients question creation support as well as full training. We provide you full training sessions which are very easy and simple to learn. Futhermore you can access to our database for your survey questions where you can format and manage your questions.

Full Service Rental

If you are running your event for the first time then Full Service Rental are the best option for you, because we provide our proficient staff member who will run your all voting process of your event. Our staff members will run your event smoothly, easily and successfully.

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